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Land Use Planning

Perth aerial photo

The County of Lanark has the authority to approve consents (severances), plans of subdivision and condominium, condominium exemptions, part-lot control by-laws, local Official Plan Amendments and local Official Plan 5-Year Reviews.

As part of its vision, the Department strives to make timely and consistent decisions on applications which are in conformity with provincial and local planning policy and while balancing multiple interests. Early consultation with key players is encouraged to avoid time delays.

For consent (severance) applications, the Planning Department reports to the Land Division Committee. For subdivision, condominium and Official Plan Amendment applications, it reports to the Economic Development Committee of Lanark County Council.

Consents (Severances)
The County was given approval authority for consents (severances) in June 1973. This task is handled by a Land Division Committee composed of three non-elected persons appointed for a four-year term coinciding with the term of Council. The Land Division Committee meets monthly. The land division function is funded entirely by application fees collected from those landowners who use this process.

Agendas and Minutes

* Important Note

All current minutes posted are subject to approval by the Land Division Committee at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

Subdivisions and Condominiums

In July 2000, approval authority for plans of subdivision and condominium, condominium exemptions and part-lot control by-laws was delegated to the County. In turn, Council has delegated approval authority for part-lot control by-laws to the Chief Administrative Officer. Two professional consulting firms assist the County Planner in performing the Municipal Plan Review Authority. Mississippi Valley Conservation and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority are used for review of hydrogeological reports, stormwater management reports and environmental impact statements. The subdivision and condominium function is also funded entirely by application fees.

Part-lot Control
The Planning Department processes applications made to the County under Section 50 of the Planning Act for Part-lot Control. Part-lot control, under Section 50 (5) of the Planning Act, permits the conveyance of portions of lots or blocks in registered plans of subdivision without first obtaining a consent under Section 53 of the Act. However, the council of a local Municipality may, by by-law, exempt all or part of a registered plan of subdivision from part-lot control in order to allow the conveyance of a portion of a lot or block without the approval of the Lanark County Land Division Committee.

Reasons to Remove Part-lot Control
The effect of removing part-lot control permits certain "desirable" transactions to occur quickly. Typically, the reasons to remove part-lot control are to allow:
  • minor changes to lots or blocks;
  • street width adjustment;
  • creation of individual lots for semi-detached, row-houses or townhouses;
  • servicing easements; or
  • long term leases for stores in shopping centres.

Official Plan Amendments 
In June 2012 Lanark County adopted its first Official Plan, called “Lanark County Sustainable Communities Official Plan” (SCOP) which combined an Official Plan under the Planning Act, with an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP). The SCOP provides for the implementation of land use policies through traditional tools, such as zoning and lot creation with a focus on the integration of sustainable practices regardless of political boundaries. The ICSP part of the Plan identifies goals and objectives designed to enhance community sustainability.

In June 2013, the SCOP was approved by the Province of Ontario and approval authority for local Official Plan Amendments, was delegated to the County. Two professional consulting firms assist the County Planner in performing the Municipal Plan Reviews required to assess the local Official Plan Amendment application.

An Official Plan Amendment submitted to the local municipality may require that the SCOP for Lanark County also be amended. The application form below, is required to be submitted directly to Lanark County when the SCOP requires amendment in addition to the local municipality.

Lanark County Sustainable Community Official Plan (SCOP)
The County of Lanark has embarked on a mile-stone process to develop the ‘first-ever’ County Official Plan.

The Sustainable Communities Official Plan has now been adopted by County Council. more... (912 KB)

Also see 
Official Plan Schedule "A" (125KB) (Revised January, 2017)
Official Plan Schedule "A" (3 MB) (2012)

OPA#1– Remove “Licensed Aggregate Extraction Operation” designation and replace with “Rural “ designation – Pt. Lot 26 Conc. 2 geographic Township of Pakenham, now in the Municipality of Mississippi Mills.

OPA#2  – Remove “Licensed Aggregate Extraction Operation” designation and replace with “Rural” designation – Pt. Lot 9 Conc. 1 Township of Montague.

OPA#3 -  Add policies relating to “Source Water Protection” and add Schedule ‘B’ Source Water Protection areas.

OPA#4 - Redistribute the municipal boundary of the Town of Perth to reflect its current municipal jurisdiction, and to redistribute the settlement area within the municipal boundary to reflect the 'Minutes of Settlement' agreed to by the Town, County and Province in respect to the Town's appeal of the SCOP to the Ontario Municipal Board.